CFI is committed to preventing the accidental loss of any of its resources, including employees and physical assets. At CFI, nothing is of greater importance than that of the health and safety of all employees, incident prevention, and protection of the general public. To that end, CFI has a written Corporate Health and Safety Program as well as an Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook that have established minimum standards of health and safety for all employees to follow.

CFI prides itself on its pro-active stance on safety and safety record. They have received top recognition from their insurance carrier each year since 2004 and in the last ten years have only had one recordable incident. Their full time Safety Director uses a variety of training tools and methods to educate the team members. Beginning with a safety orientation that is given to all new employees at the time of hire, to weekly safety tool talks that are held in the field every Monday morning (as to start everyone’s work week thinking safety), to its annual Safety Training Event, CFI’s employees are continually trained in accordance with industry standards and in compliance with legislative requirements.

CFI’s employees have received a variety of safety certifications over the years, including but not limited to, OSHA 10 and 30 hour Construction Safety training, DEC Erosion Control training, American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED training, DOT Drug & Alcohol Reasonable Suspicion Awareness training, and Hazardous Materials Transportation training.

CFI’s priority with every project is to deliver Safety and Quality to all of our clients.

CFI utilizes a Three-Phase Quality Control System to maintain a uniform, high-quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, and installation of equipment and facilities. The Three Phases of control will be implemented by the QC Manager while working directly with our experienced field Supervision teams each day. Our QC Manager has completed the US Army Corps of Engineers training for Construction Quality Management.

Quality Assurance is maintained by an internal review and proper documentation of all QCQA test results, daily construction reports, and procedures to ensure that the established QC procedures are being followed and effective. Working to implement and manage the QC program to ensure proper construction techniques are followed, material tests have been conducted, and that any deficiencies are identified & corrected.

  • Preparatory Inspection to review all contract documents, requirements, testing, and approved submittals.
  • Initial Inspection is performed after the first significant portion of a feature of work to examine the quality of workmanship and check all test results with the contract requirements.
  • Follow-up Inspections are performed as work progresses in a feature of work. Compliance with contract documents and any changes to provide a better product for the owner are documented on daily QC reports.

All CFI employees and our Sub-Contractors involved are partners in implementing Quality Improvement Initiatives. Everyone is encouraged to identify and recommend opportunities for improvement.

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